• A Letter to All Foreign Teachers and Students Dear teachers and students: Recently, the whole nation is concerned with the outbreak of the pneumonia caused by a new strain of coronavirus ( COVID-19). In coordination with the unified efforts of the Chinese central government, the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and the Dongguan Municipal People’s Government have been taking active measures to prevent the novel coronavirus outbreak. This included both the Provincial and Municipal People’s Government activating a Level-1 public health emergency response on January 23, 2020. The CPC Committee of DGUT attached great importance to the prevention and control of epidemic situation and immediately established a leading group for epidemic situation work. According to《Notice of delaying the start of spring semester in 2020》and 《Notice on further improving novel coronavirus infection and prevention and control of pneumonia》issued on January 27th and 28th, the opening dates for new semester is postponed, please DO NOT return to school before the official opening announcement releases. To best help prevent the outbreak as soon as possible and to safeguard public safety, we hereby propose the following initiatives to all foreign teachers and students: 1. Be cooperative Please comply with the requirements established by the Chinese government and the university on epidemic prevention and control, arouse the awareness on self-protection, keep your communication channels such as phone or email unblocked, report your actual physical condition and personal related information to the University daily, and cooperate with the University in epidemic prevention and control work. Please do not trust or spread false and unverified information, keep clam and stay alert. 2. Increase prevention and self-protection Consciously learning novel coronavirus infection knowledge of pneumonia epidemic prevention. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, please avoid gathering activities to cut off the route of virus transmission. Correctly wear a mask if you have to go out, and stay away from crowded places. Please remain good hygiene by washing your hands often with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer. Cover a cough or sneeze with a tissue or your flexed elbow. No spitting. Dispose of used masks appropriately. Make sure you get adequate sleep, reasonable diet and nutrition, moderate physical exercise to improve your immunity. 3. Join our mass prevention and control efforts If you come back from Wuhan City, Hubei Province, or other cities in Hubei Province, or have close contact with people in the above areas in domestic or outside China, please take the initiative to report to the University and cooperate with the medical examination. Please attend any outdoor activities after enforcing a self-quarantine at home for fourteen days. Also, please cooperate when relevant staff from the University enquires about your health condition. 4. Comply with school arrangements and DO NOT return earlier than school re-open day According to the working requirements of the Ministry of Education, The opening date of spring semester of 2019-2020 academic year will be postponed, and the specific date will be announced later. During this period, all teachers and students are NOT allowed to return to University in advance. As for students, if you need to return to the campus in advance in case of special circumstances, please inform the class head teacher and the college in advance. As for teachers, please inform your college and office of International Cooperation and Exchanges in advance. The University will provide any necessary assistance for those in need. Please keep the communication channels such as phone, Wechat, etc. unblocked during the epidemic. Stay tuned for emergency condition, and comply the unified arrangement. The date for school re-opening will be notified later. If you have any concerns or questions for work permit, work visa etc. Please contact Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges : Miss Haidan Chen(Moblie:13688991633 / Short Number:759171 / Wechat:fionachan16), For Visa issues of international students, please contact the International College: Miss Xiaoman Yao(Moblie:13592720824 / Short Number:634266 / Wechat:Ava8-02) Dear friends, no matter where you are, Dongguan University of Technology is highly concern for your health and safety. We firmly believe our concerted efforts will help us soon win this fight against the novel coronavirus. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Thank you and wish you good health! Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges Dongguan University of Technology 致全体外籍教师和学生的公开信.pdf

  • 2019年6月11日,香港岭南大学副校长莫家豪教授、研究生部助理教授江晋博士到我校进行访问,我校副校长杨敏林教授、港澳台事务办公室、研究生处、教育学院和经济与管理学院相关负责人一同出席座谈会。 会谈中,双方就基于对接粤港澳大湾区建设,在两校协同发展的基础上,对科研项目的合作研究、硕博联合培养等具体事项进行了深入的讨论,并在教育管理、商管等领域的达成合作共识。未来两校将继续拓展推动在文学、翻译等领域的合作。

  • 5月14日至23日,杨敏林副校长率团赴法国、荷兰和波兰,推动我校与法国国立工艺学院、荷兰NHL-Stenden应用科技大学、波兰热舒夫大学和热舒夫理工大学等欧洲高水平大学的合作,访问成果丰硕。 在法国期间,杨敏林副校长与法国国立工艺学院Faron校长等会面,就双方中法联合学院2017级学生赴法国国立工艺学院交流学习安排、硕博士联合培养等合作办学工作召开会议,落实了上述工作的实施方案和进度安排。 在荷兰期间,杨敏林与荷兰NHL-Stenden应用科技大学副校长Van der Hoek等会面,就在经济与管理等领域开展互认学分学生交流项目,互派定期课程班等合作进行了会谈落实,并签署合作备忘录。 在波兰热舒夫大学,杨敏林与校长Czopec等会谈并共同签署了双方学生交流交换协议,双方决定在互认学分和学费互免的基础上每学期开展学生交流交换项目。双方还共同签署了《“一带一路”经济研究所合作协议》,将共建东莞理工学院“一带一路”经济研究所并开展中国-中东欧国家经济研究合作。 杨敏林一行还应邀访问了热舒夫理工大学,与该校副校长等会面,会谈中双方就建立校际合作关系并开展师生交流、研究合作等达成一系列共识。 在热舒夫期间,杨敏林一行还亲切看望了我校首批赴热舒夫大学交流交换生,详细了解了学生在波兰的学习和生活情况。

  • 2019年3月28日,法国国立工艺学院教育服务负责人Adrien LEFEVRE及国际项目经理Thi Thu Tra NGUYEN到我校进行访问,国际合作与交流处、经济与管理学院和中法联合学院相关负责人一同出席座谈会。 会谈中,双方就进一步扩大合作领域进行了热烈的讨论,并就两校拓展在商管领域硕士研究生项目合作达成共识。